Best Life is the lifestyle magazine for the man who has arrived. Confident, accomplished, and at the very peak of his powers, the Best Life reader is more emotionally engaged than he has ever been with family, friends, and the world around him. He is committed to healthy, active lifestyle, to continually expanding his horizons and to enjoying his success by giving back to others while experiencing the very best that life has to offer. Best Life magazine provides this man with the information he needs to achieve his more important goals: personal growth, physical and financial vitality, and a more meaningful, more vibrant life.

Best Life empowers men to continually improve their physical, emotional, and financial well-being to better enjoy the most rewarding years of their lives.

Men in this group (35+ years) think that now is the time to think about themselves
• Enjoyment’ time has become part of their life, important for their physical as well as their mental well being.
• Enjoyment time’ is essential, besides ‘work’.

They constantly:
• Evaluate their life.
• Fill their enjoyment time.
• Pay close attention to actualities.

93%own 1 to 3 personal cars
79% avid travellers
85% own 1-2 properties (house & apartment)
78% have high brand watches
19% own private boat or sailing ship
88% invest in stocks/mutual funds within the next 12 months

A lifestyle magazine for the man who has arrived. Best Life assists today’s active, healthy men to improve their quality of life-enjoyment with tips and information on fitness, relationship, style, nutrition (food and beverage), travelling, finance and health (body and mind). These useful information are conveyed in a relax and reflective manner directed to mature readers.

• Men
- Who are in the best time of their life.
- Who enjoy their personal and professional echievements.
- Who are in high positions.
- Who redefine their life values, priorities and lifestyle. They are more reflective and think of what they have obtained.
- Who pay more attention to their health and life’s condition.
- Who share their experiences and knowledge to help others. They are more caring toward their environment and society.
• 35+
• Well Educated (Graduated College+)
• Successful Career (Professional, Managerial, Business Owner)
• SES A+

• Average pages: 144 p.
• A unique editorial environment tailored to what is important to Best Life Readers:
- Health, Fitness and Longevity: Stories about the male body, and how to take control of your physical well-being. Include food stories with nutrition angles.
- Spiritual and Emotional Wellness: Practical advice on how to take control of your emotional well-being and overcome any mid-life challenge with confidence.
- Enjoyment of the Good Life: An insider’s guide to appreciating the finer things in life. Includes a unique viewpoint on fiction, music, books, film, food, entertainment, and pop culture.
- Wealth and Financial Well-Being: How to be a better leader, a smarter decision maker, and a more competent financial planer.
- Sex and Relationship: The complete guide to enjoying a more meaningful and intimate relationship.
- Style and Grooming: An update on the most sophisticated looks for every season, with style and grooming news to help you stay confident about the way you look.
- Family and Fatherhood: Explores the topic of being a better father, looking after your parents and practical solutions for providing for your future.
- Cars, Technology, Gear: The latest pieces of useful luxury, tested, and recommended by the editors.
- Other

• Deadline: Third week of the month
• Trim Size: 21,4cm x 28.4cm ; Bleed Size: 22cm x 29.2cm
• Rp 30.750.000 (not include VAT 10% (government tax). Tax will be added to the above rates with invoicing).

• Date of issue: every second week of the month.
• Circulation: 50,000 copies.

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