The bi-weekly magazines for young women to become independent and modern women though still respect the traditional custom.
Modern yet single women, aged between 20-30 years old, students or working women, which have huge curiosity and the needs of self-actualization.
• 160 pages
• Top Contents :
  - Career world
  - Editors’ choices from products to foods.
  - Restaurant or cafe info
  - Sex
  - Hang out place
  - Practical recipes
• All of the contents are published in grammar and format which are suitable for modern and single women.
• Deadline: 4 weeks before
• Trim Size: 17.5cm x 21.4cm & Bleed Size: 18.3cm x 22.2cm
• Rp 26.000.000 (not include VAT 10% (government tax). Tax will be added to the above rates with invoicing).
• Date of issue: Every Monday, twice a month
• Circulation: 100,000 copies

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For More Information
• Editor in Chief :
Tussie Aulika
6221-5253816 ext 4211
• Group Advertising Manager :
Erlinda Gutami
• Advertising Manager :
Penny Pritanti Indreswari
• Promotion Manager :
Martha Simanjutak

Cerdas.Ceria.Cantik (Smart. Cheerful. Beautiful)
• A highly recommended magazine for young women, which is complemented with the website and the mailing list
• The pioneer for handy sized women magazines (16,7 x 22,3 cm)
• is updated every week, which giving opportunity for any products to take part in our online polls and questionnaires