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Femina provides timely and useful information covering all aspects of the lives of the modern Indonesian women. Femina provides guidance and inspiration for its readers, the modern women of Indonesia today those who live in the real world, aware of global trends but still value their identity as Indonesian women.

Editorial Composition
• Fashion & beauty (25%)
• Culinary & Living (25%)
• Self improvement, career & personal finance (25%)
• Health & Fitness (15%)
• Relationship & Sex (10%)

Femina Readers
• Are active women 25-35 years old
• Belong to the SES AB class
• Care about their appearances and avid trend followers
• Have high social mobility
• Are financially secure

94% SES: AB
90% career women or women entrepreneurs
71% 25-35 years
70% Education S1 - S2 - S3
Status -> 70% married, 30% single

98% Very concerned with appearance & a true follower of trends
74% Invest in property
97% Regard body care as important
70% Regularly having beauty treatments at salons & own homes
60% Make plans for children's education abroad
81% Have investments in mutual funds, insurance, stocks, bonds, etc.
41% Have independent income

Readers of Femina are BUYERS, USERS and INFLUENCERS:
• 96% buy the recommended products in the magazine
• Frequently purchase products advertised on magazine (92%)
• Purchase products after trying the sample on the magazine (91%)

Femina's readers are ideal for your products to reach. They are the perfect target for products including, but not limited to, fashion, beauty, food, beverages, personal finance, home decoration, real estate, household equipments or even technology (IT) products.

Our event activities are also ideally suited for your marketing communication needs.

CIRCULATION DATA -> 160,000 copies
61% DKI Jakarta
8% of West Java
6% of Central Java & D.I. Yogyakarta
8% of East Java
7% Sumatra
3% Sulawesi
4% Kalimantan
2% Bali & Nusa Tenggara
1% Other

• Deadline: 3 weeks advance
• Trim Size: 21,4cm x 28.4cm ; Bleed Size: 22cm x 29.2cm
• Rp 38.500.000 (not include VAT 10% (government tax). Tax will be added to the above rates with invoicing).
• Date of issue: Every week on Thursday
• Circulation: > 160,000 copies

• Wajah Femina (Roadshow and Grand Final)

   National-level competition models since 1986 who had given birth to    hundreds of alumni, most of the actors in the entertainment and media    industries homeland with pride in achievement.

• Femina and Friends Networking-Sharing-Learning-having Fun

   Being warm relationship with the community femina readers through various    activities, which displays the actual topics of the world of women.

• Seminar Kartini

   Annual event every month of April. Showing topics of current empowerment    of women in terms of business, entrepreneurs, career to modern family life.    Shown in packaging talk show, workshops, bazaar or a combination.

• Wanita Wirausaha

   - Seminar
   - Workshop
   - Lomba UKM
• Milis         : femina-friends@yahoogroups.com
• Twitter     : www.twitter.com/feminamagazine
• Facebook : www.facebook.com/feminamagazineindonesia
• Minisite    : www.wanitawirausaha.co.id
Customer Service Division Femina Group

Division which was established by the needs of loyal readers of magazines Femina Group to gain direct access to the publisher.

Backed by a team of telemarketers, customer services, and courier or delivery network. This division also has a customer database femina magazine group very broad and diverse, and managed in a modern and professional.

For More Information
• Editor in Chief:

Petty S. Fatimah

6221-5253816 ext. 4171

• Group Advertising Manager:
Erlinda Gutami
6221-5253816 ext. 3285

• Advertising Manager:
Sagita Utama
6221-5253816 ext. 4272

• Promotion Manager:
Sari Wardi Astuti
6221-5253816 ext. 3454

• Customer Service Division Femina Group:
Jln. Rawa Gelam II/4
Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung, Jakarta 13930
Other Strengths:
• Editorial team and 4 pillars (Ads, activation, distribution, marketing): strong and integrated.
• Development of advanced information channels: Online, mobile, television, radio and other media derived from the Femina brand
• Access to a large, active of community of readers
• Extensive network of experts and organizations relevant to the world of women.