Pesona magazine addresses the need for its readers, women in the age group of 35 and beyond, as well as celebrates their passions. It is about style, beauty, inspiration, health and lifestyle, all relevant information for the affluent and mature women who are intelligent and sophisticated.

Pesona targets a luctrative market: mature women who live in the big urban areas with their own disposable income/savings. They are dynamic and embrace life, really know how to enjoy life, and have a healthy lifestyle.
They represent the Indonesian upper market segment

• PESONA is a magazine with inspiration (97%), an important reference (95%) for affluent and mature women. The articles bring solutions to self and family issues (93%).

• The readers are independent women. Most are a decision maker at workplace (60%), having higher income than spouse (70%) and have separate bank account (70%). They invest in property (70%). Having a good financial plan for kids including studying abroad (71%).

• The readers have a healthy lifestyle (90%), exercising regularly, do routine general check up, posses general health insurance (70%) and special insurance for women (10%)

• The readers enjoy their leisure time by doing hobbies (94%), pampering themselves at the spa (74%), reading books (70%), including shopping with friends (53%).
(Source : Pesona Reader’s Survey, 2008 – 2009)


• Editorial mission and vision : to embrace changing needs anddesires of its 35+ readers, to applaud women’s passion with interestingcoverage on style, look & health relevant to women’s lifestyle

• Contains not only about fashion and beauty tips, but also health,self-esteem, relationship, technology & entertainment, business,career, financial issue,  and celebrities profiles.

• Average pages: 122 p.

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• Deadline: 6 weeks before issuing date
• Trim Size: 21.4cm x 28.4cm ; Bleed Size:22,4cm x 29.4cm
• Rp 25.000.000 (not include VAT 10% (government tax). Tax will be added to the above rates with invoicing).

• Date of issue: first week of every month.
• Circulation: 65.000 copies.

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For More Information

• Editor in Chief :
Hannie Kusuma
• Group Advertising Manager :
Tri Wahyuni
6221-5253816 ext. 3286

• Advertising Manager :

• Promotion Manager :

•Account Executive :
Rafika Rangkuti (BeBi)
0813 9690 2364

PESONA, is a statement of accomplished women
•    Manifesting goals and ambitions
•    Sharing happiness with friends and family
•    Balancing the now and the future